About Steve

A few years ago, if I were to be tongue in cheek, I'd say:
A Sonoma County native, I left the beauty of this glorious homeland
to seek bountiful treasure, the golden fleece and the ever elusive
sense of self. Fueled by caffeine and driven by a deep desire to
"just barely succeed," I did exactly that and more. People talk of
raising the bar, but I find that the higher the bar, the easier it
it is to scrape under. After a 10 year odyssey that saw me survive
the often harsh and barren cultural landscapes of Marin, brave a
certain dearth and sense of "what's next?" in the East Bay and persevere
through a smattering of psychological smackdowns in that city by the Bay,
I have returned to Sonoma County. This peripatetic existence served to
forge an inner strength and bolster my liberal views. "If only you could
see what I've seen with your eyes." Well, eventually one makes the
discovery that a cliche really is a double edge sword and where ever
you go, there you are. Oh, joy of joys, I am back. Coffee abounds and
and all is right with the world.

And if I were to actually try to describe myself now...
Dad, Cyclist, Tinkerer, Computer Geek
I REALLY like being a dad!

Here goes:
I raced my bike
I went to art school
I worked in bike shops
I worked in the movie biz
-And now-
I have an incredible 5 year old boy

a few favorite things:
Taking a nap on the couch with my son.
Discovering a twisty new road or cobble-stoned street.
Riding my bike on a perfect day.
The joy of discovery.

Some of my favorite websites: