Steve's Clock Page
A few years back, I decided I would try to make my Dad
something a little unique for Father's Day.
After all, he has been a pretty great Dad all these
years and has tolerated me well.
I thought I'd try to make him a wooden clock.
So, I found some plans on the internet.
I realized that I would need to modify the plans in order
to be able to cut them out on my CNC machine. I also had
to make a utility that would allow me to design
gears that would mesh together well.
It all seemed to work out and by 2pm on that Father's Day
I had a working clock to give him!

The pieces are mostly made of wood.
Although, the axles and a few of the other bits
are made of brass or aluminum.
Most of the pieces are held together with small
pieces of toothpick sized dowels. So, you can pull
out the dowels, and the whole thing comes apart.

And here is a picture of good'ol Dad.